FFS Bags (Form, Fill, Seal – PE Heavy Duty Film)


Best suited for Polymer and Chemical industry

Sizes and design can be customized as per customer requirement

FFS (Form, Fill & Seal) Film PE Roll made with Specialty Blended polyethylene Resins delivered on rolls in the form of tubular with printed or unprinted and is suitable for high-speed automatic filling machines. The Heavy duty FFS Sacks are suitable for packing dry solids and raw materials.

Our 3-layers of co-extrusion Polyethylene films feature a strong tack force and stability on FFS machines and maintain a strong tear resistance, offer easy film seal, better machine handling and custom print options.
The tubular FFS film is fed into the filling machine, the bag is base-sealed and cut, formed and filled, and then top sealed.

Additional features of multi-color printing and anti-slip agent options.

• Suitable for high-speed automatic or semi automatic FFS filling lines or manual filling
• Heavy duty FFS PE Film with Gusseted tubing available
• Good dimensional stability and flatness
• provides excellent clarity, glossiness, and stiffness for various applications
• Anti-slip stacking stability on pallet
• High sealing performance, puncture and burst resistance
• Special printing ink with high resistance to UV radiation


• Petrochemicals
• Polymers
• Chemicals
• Compounds
• Fertilizers
• Flakes
• Grains
• Minerals
• Salt and Sugar
• Pellets & Granules
• Powders