We do not compromise on quality, we walk an extra mile to sustain the quality.

The Quality Assurance System at Gulf Plastic Industries is a scientific and systematic one based on the twin principles of

Online inspection
Designed to identify and eliminate possible deviations at the time and point where they occur.

Trend analysis
To highlight long-term trends of all required attributes in order to focus efforts on improvement.

The Quality Assurance Department is manned by experienced personnel vested with adequate authority (which includes stoppage of production) for effective functioning. This department reports directly to the top executive management independent of production department.

This department is equipped with equipment like Test Rig designed in accordance with the ISO Standards to conduct load tests on FIBCs, Tensile Testing machine to measure the strength and elongation of the fabrics, webbing, sewing yarns and seams and U.V accelerated weathering machines to measure UV retention as per ISO Standard.

Quality Management System

Physical and computerized checks are made for ensuring the quality of the raw materials used for production.

Tape and yarn: Every lot of the produced tapes and yarn are checked for its color, denier and strength.

Woven fabric / webbing: Fabrics produced by every loom is checked manually for color, weaving, width, weight, strength and finishing.

Cut components: Components are checked for dimensions.

Printed components: Components are checked for print quality , adherence of ink and odour with reference to the specification.

Stitched bags: Each stitched bags are visually inspected for its stitching, dimensions and accessories.

PE liners: PE liners are tested for width, weight and opacity with reference to the specification.

Tensile test: Tensile and breaking strength of tape yarn and woven fabric are checked with Universal Testing Method.

Weathering test: Tape yarn and fabrics are tested for UV stability with reference to the specification using accelerated UV weathering panel.

Packing: Random bales are checked for wrapping, counting and weight.

Rig test: Rig test are performed to ensure the safe working load (SWL) of FIBC as per ISO standard.


Note: Additional third-party certificates shall be obtained as per customer requirement.