Disposable Cups and Bowls

disposable cups

Made from top food grade resins and are 100% ozone safe

Sizes and design can be customized as per customer requirement

Gulf Plastic Industries specializes in the design and development of packaging to suit the presentation and marketing of your products. These include PP, PS, PET cups, bowls and trays We are committed to adding new products to our range based on our customer’s requirements and needs with the right mould and machine. All our products are available in plain or customized printing and on a transparent or color material. Our products are made from top grade food grade resins and are 100% ozone safe. Prior to delivery, our products undergo a series of stringent quality tests and checks. With our commitment to quality and excellence, we have gained the trust of the most prestigious companies in Middle East.

• Very affordable, lower cost
• Flexible and high strength
• Multi color printing will serve as a branding tool

• Catering needs
• Packaging of water, juice, milk and beverages
• Packaging of fruits and vegetables
• Packaging of cakes and pastries