FIBC/ Jumbo bags

FIBC Bag111

FIBCs are the most safest and cost effective bulk packing alternative

GULFPAC® FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) also known as Jumbo bags or Bulk bags are the ideal solution for storing, handling and packaging of dry bulk and liquid bulk goods. The holding capacity of FIBC ranges from half to two tonnes. FIBCs form a very important edge in the packaging industry due to its diverse applications and its benefits.

Two loop bags are mostly used if wider opening is needed for filling the bag. The loops are tied together for lifting as a single loop.

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Four loop FIBCs are used for better lifting, filling and discharging options

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Type A bags are made from standard polypropylene material which is a non-treated insulating fabric.They have no special electrostatic safety features. These bags are cost effective and ideal solution for materials which are not hazardous, food or pharma related.

Type B bags are very similar to the Type A bags as they are made from the standard polypropylene material, they too do not have the ability to dissipate static electricity efficiently.  The difference is that the material used is an insulating fabric but this has a low breakdown voltage (less than 4KV) to prevent propagating brush discharges (PBD) which are highly energetic and dangerous. Type B bags can prevent PBD, however normal brush charges can still occur so these bags cannot be considered to be anti static in any way. Type B bags may be used in the presence of the combustible dusts with MIE of greater than 3mj but in the absence of flammable vapors of gases.

Type C bags known within the industry as conductive or groundable Bulk Bags or conductive FIBCs. Constructed from non conductive polypropylene material interwoven with conductive yarns that form a grid pattern, these are designed to control electrostatic charges by grounding. The bag MUST be electrically grounded during filling and emptying – this is essential to the safe use and performance of a Type C bag.

Food grade bags are bags that are made with the intent of putting food products into the bags. A Bulk Bag that is manufactured in a facility that has undergone an audit and is certified by a food safety standard.

  • Minerals and Ores
  • Chemical and Petrochemicals
  • Construction
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Can carry up-to two tonnes of dry materials
  • Huge savings in transport and storage costs -no pallets or secondary packaging needed
  • UV resistance to protect materials from harmful sun rays
  • Space saver: FIBCs can be folded and kept when not in use as compared to other drums and containers used for packaging
  • Easy customization as per industry requirement
  • Designed for easy recycling after working life is over
  • Printing on the FIBCs serves as good branding and advertising tool